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Les partenaires du programme Talend Alliance bénéficient de la formation et du support de Talend : c’est la garantie qu’ils appliquent les technologies les plus récentes et les meilleures pratiques pour chaque projet. Pour restreindre votre recherche, choisissez un type de partenaire et une région.

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AIR Company Ltd

AIR Company LTD. has advanced knowledge of DBMS technology. Starting with the development and localization of the Japanese version of the UNIFY database, 20 years of experience developing database solutions has earned the trust of large-scales users. We are database design experts who can implement high volume and high reliability databases. Also by assisting with the Japanese localization of Actuate Web reporting BI tool and as a sales partner, a deep understanding of Actuate’s products has been attained. AIR has the technological base to continue creating secure and reliable enterprise IT systems into the future.

Contact: System Solution Division


Akerva is a French leading Company which proposes a range of consulting, professional services and software integration based on IT Security and Identity & Access Management.

Akerva helps large customers and administrations for data and software code protection and ensures the security and access to the information system into complex environnement. Akerva guaranties the best securization and access into the Cloud computing (Saas, Paas, Iaas, Virtualization).

Since 7 years, Akerva is really proud by working with more than 100 customers in Europe (including 10 of best 40 Companies).

Akerva has signed strategic partnerships with the biggest security software software vendors and has developed a whole very efficient offer in order to guaranty data and security of software code as well as Identity & Access Management.

By using Talend solutions, Akerva proposes to his customers certainly one of the best solution for data synchronization and for data provisioning.

All Data International

All Data International is IT Company that believes in the power of data to transform every aspect of a business. We provide Data Infrastructure, Data Preparation, Data Integration, Data Platform, Data Visualization and Data Analytic to discover insights that can have a real and positive business impact such as: improve business operational, increased performance and better decision making.


ALTIC is an ALTernative of Information and Communication System. It is an Open Source Software integrator created in June of 2004, and a pioneer of the BI Open Source. ALTIC assists companies and administration to implement management software in Open Source. Our main field of expertise is Process Data Management inside information systems (Data-Driven Projects).

Altic Talend skills :
Expertise, Consulting and Training (talend Big Data, ESB and DI)  

Others domains of expertise :

  • Business Intelligence Solutions (SpagoBI, Talend, JasperReports, BIRT, Jedox),
  • Business Analytics solutions (TableauSoftware, D3.js, InfiniDB, Hadoop (HortonWorks), Shark, Elasticsearch, …). 

Contributor talend for Jedox and Hadoop ecosystem (see contribution of Altic on the talendforge)