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Les partenaires du programme Talend Alliance bénéficient de la formation et du support de Talend : c’est la garantie qu’ils appliquent les technologies les plus récentes et les meilleures pratiques pour chaque projet. Pour restreindre votre recherche, choisissez un type de partenaire et une région.

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Advanced Analytic Service (AAS)

Advanced Analytic Service (AAS) is a big data company focusing on predictive analytics and vertical big data solution. The company is headquartered in Shanghai with operation across Greater China and Southeast Asia. With its over 13 years’ development, AAS deliver data service to hundreds of multinational and local clients. AAS has rich experience in data analytics and project implementation, and have many successful cases in life sciences, CPG, auto, retail, consumer electronics, financial, transportation and other industries.


AEROW Decision

Founded in 2004, AEROW is a Digital Services Company specialized in Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Integration.

AEROW is based in France, in Belgium, in Switzerland, and in Mauritius.

Our expertise in Business Intelligence and Big Data was designed to handle issues related to Data Management and to Data Visualization.

Our data experts are experienced and qualified to support our clients in their projects. We work on unified customer databases, data governance issues, setting up data repositories, assistance with projects management, project deliveries, trainings & TMA needs.

For example, Marketing departments that are struggling to capitalize on their data are getting closer to AEROW DECISION to improve the agility of their data in order to get tangible benefits and optimize their ROIs.


Agilite Group is a professional systems integrator, and has helped many businesses transform their IT Initiative. We are one of the few SI’s specializing in Talend integration, MDM, ESB, Bigdata, IOT, in-house framework to move on-premise Bigdata to cloud, AI and block chain technology. We have delivered our solutions to various verticals including manufacturing, financials, retail and education.  

For our solutions please reach out to


AIC Group

AIC Group GmbH is a leading German solution supplier for Customer and Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation and Campaign Management. We specialize in creation and development of customer dialog and loyalty programs, supporting management of efficient marketing. AIC provides a customer centralized digital brain for capturing customer behavior, measurement of campaign responses, target groups, sociodemographics as well as customer value. AIC has been founded in 1999. Today having medium-sized enterprises as well as stock exchange listed companies as customers.