« Talend has a high affinity with AWS, and a licencing system that is easy to scale out with infrastructure expansion.»
Tomoyuki Shiga, General Manager, Customer Experience Design Division, Golf Digest Online
3 million
Improved response times
through proactive monitoring
from 2,000 to 500
Reduced jobs from 2,000 to 500

Creating a flexible, scalable digital marketing platform

Established in 2000, Golf Digest Online is one of the largest golf internet portals in the world. To support its data-based marketing programs, in 2011 the company established an on-premise digital marketing infrastructure platform which began to reach its limits. Working closely with its technology partner, Air Co., Ltd, Golf Digest Online selected Talend Big Data and AWS with Amazon Redshift as a new data warehouse.

With the new platform fully operational, Golf Digest Online is able to gather and process data such as retail transactions, golf course reservations, game scores and member activity. Once each day, data is transferred to the AWS data warehouse where business intelligence tools are used to perform sophisticated analysis. The Big data platform is used to generate insights that support the creation of personalised marketing materials which are regularly distributed to members.

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