« With Talend, our cloud and on-premises systems are now speaking together. This has empowered the organization as a whole and is moving us from making decisions based on gut feel to making them based on consistent data. »

Greg Sitzman, VP of Business Intelligence, F+W Media

30 internal data sources

Connecting 30 internal data sources and many others in the cloud

A single version

A single, enterprise-wide version of the truth

Operational efficiency

Greater operational efficiency with less waiting for answers

Meeting the needs and wants of enthusiastic consumers

Founded in 1913, F+W Media strives to offer the most complete-online, offline, anytime-customer experience for enthusiasts in all communities including art, craft, writing, design, outdoors and more. Staff members had difficulty obtaining basic data to perform a year-over-year analysis on best-selling products; evaluate the success of email campaigns and promotions.

F+W selected Talend Cloud to serve as a data pipeline between data sources and Snowflake cloud data warehouse on AWS. The new system has approximately 230 users, distributed among several departments, including marketing, media, content creation, financing and more.

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