« With Talend’s agile solution, we can respond much faster to business requests »
Inderjit Chhatwal, Vice President and Business Systems Development , ALDO Group Inc.
100 applications
100 applications, services and databases integrated via Talend
Millions of events
Millions of events per day processed by the e-commerce system during busy season
Months to days
From months to days to code and activate new requests

Meeting Black Friday demand with next-generation e-commerce platform

During the busiest time of the year for retailers, ALDO’s e-commerce platform had system reliability issues, resulting in online cart abandonment, lost orders, and unsatisfied customers. The company’s proprietary system was limited in functionality, had many batch processes and was costly to maintain. ALDO decided it needed a next-generation service-oriented architecture (SOA) that was more agile, could support increasing business requests, and could easily scale to meet seasonal demands.

The company selected Talend Data Services/ESB, deployed as a cluster for high availability. Talend was selected based on its agility, extensive capabilities, and value. ALDO developers report that Talend is quick to learn and very flexible due to its open source and standards-based approach.

Talend enables improved productivity through greater service reuse and a common set of products, tools and best practices for data, application and service integration. By moving from batch to real-time processing, and implementing Talend tools for error handling and monitoring, ALDO has increased both its business and IT system visibility.

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