Our Newest Data Fabric – A Gateway to Enterprise-Wide Data Driven Insights

Our Newest Data Fabric – A Gateway to Enterprise-Wide Data Driven Insights


At Talend, we have a vision for the world where data-driven enterprises are using data throughout the organization to run their businesses better and to delight their customers.  While we are seeing glimpses of this across different markets, such as Amazon and Netflix, we are far from a world where every company is a data-driven company. 

The reason for this is simple; CEOs can’t just wake up one day and proclaim that their company will now be data driven.  Instead, it’s a journey that requires companies to fundamentally change how they collect, connect and analyze their data.  This journey requires collaboration, so that each part of an organization is collecting and sharing data in the right way.  Becoming data-driven quickly and cost effectively also requires the business and IT to collaborate at every step of the process.  Unified data integration can fundamentally change how business partners and IT work together to understand their data and transform it.  With Talend Data Preparation, our aim isn’t just to put data into the hands of business users; it’s also to allow the business to contribute to how IT collects and transforms that data into insight.  This will enable both teams to move faster, with fewer surprises, while actually creating deeper, more meaningful insight.  

As of today, Talend Data Preparation is now part of our latest integration platform, Talend Data Fabric.

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