Don’t Let Your Emails Bounce Back!

Don’t Let Your Emails Bounce Back!


When was the last time one of your emails bounced back - Perhaps yesterday or maybe even in the last hour? In a world where email has obviously become a crucial communication channel, the lack of email validation and verification in customer email lists can be a major hurdle for your company.

This is why Talend 6 introduces a component for assessing the quality of emails in existing files and databases, and even validating addresses before they are ever entered into the system.

Enjoy our video that introduces how to assess the quality of your emails to keep your customer email list clean. It’s one of our how-to video series we are currently posting here, so check back often.

Remember, if you don’t already have Talend installed, you can still play along with the video by downloading a free trial.

Click here if you want to find out about more of the features available in Talend 6:

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