Mois : July 2016

L’histoire de Talend : un voyage au cœur de l’innovation… qui ne fait que débuter

  Au-delà de la qualité et des performances de ses solutions, Talend a su innover pour se positionner en rupture des offres disponibles sur le marché. Tant au niveau technologique que business -matérialisé par l’adoption d’un modèle open source- Talend à démocratiser l’accès aux solutions d’intégration de données, les rendant accessibles aux plus grands nombres. […]

Welcome to the Data-Driven Era

  Today we’re thrilled to announce that Talend has gone public on the NASDAQ exchange, ticker symbol TLND.  We’re excited to work with all of you as we transition to being a public company.  As we look forward to this next phase of our company’s journey, I’d like to spend a few minutes outlining the […]

Syncing Users and Groups from LDAP into Apache Ranger

  The previous post [on Colm’s blog] covered how to install the Apache Ranger Admin service. The Apache Ranger Admin UI supports creating authorization policies for various Big Data components, by giving users and/or groups permissions on resources. This means that we need to import users/groups into the Apache Ranger Admin service from some backend […]

The Rise of MDM in the Analytics Age

As I have been building analytics competencies and platforms with customers, I am continuously running into the same type of questions and desires and they center around a critical, but poorly understood topic; Master Data Management or MDM. I thought that it was time I got a couple of thoughts on this topic out so […]

Practical Cryptography with Apache CXF JOSE

  It has been a year since I had a chance to talk about Practical JOSE in Apache CXF at Apache Con NA 2015. We have significantly improved CXF JOSE implementation  since then, with Colm helping a lot with the code, tests, documentation. The code has become more thoroughly tested, the configuration – better, with […]

SaaS Data Migration & Data Integration

  With the continued growth in Cloud computing, more and more organizations are moving their data to Software as a Service (SaaS) providers such as Salesforce. If you’re about to embark on a Data Migration or Data Integration project, and you’re used to working with a traditional relational database that sits in your own data […]

Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT with Self-Service Data Preparation

  It’s widely understood that our world is becoming digital—consumers, business workers and leaders alike want information and services to be delivered ‘as they like, when and wherever they want.’  In order to meet this demand, the companies need to become more data-driven—using enterprise information to make educated decisions—in order to increase customer service and […]

How Apache Spark™ Feeds Real-Time Sports Analytics

  With the Euro 2016 tournament now drawing to a close, and having two kids of my own in a competitive soccer league, even a French husband; I now live and breathe football (or soccer depending on your frame of reference) almost every single day. Soccer, much like today’s businesses, has begun to embrace the […]