Mois : January 2016

Talend Connect 2015 : Repenser les données

Le dernier trimestre 2015 a été marqué par la 7ème édition de notre conférence utilisateurs, le Talend Connect. Après une journée dédiée aux partenaires revendeurs et intégrateurs, la conférence utilisateurs a pris place le lendemain et c’est quelques 300 participants qui ont répondu à l’appel de Talend : utilisateurs, clients, sponsors, exposants, journalistes, analystes… Vidéo>> […]

3 Cloud Trends to Prepare for in 2016

With the rapid changes to SaaS applications and cloud platforms taking place today, the area of cloud integration is now in constant flux. Years ago, cloud integration used to be seen as a tool that accomplished a simple use case, such as replicating SaaS data to an on-premise database for analytics. However, with the innovations […]

WADL and Swagger United in Apache CXF

A Talend Community Coders post brought to you by: Sergey Beryozkin Who could’ve thought that Swagger and WADL can be real friends ? Both Swagger and WADL are about describing REST APIs and while the former has a definite momentum, the latter has proved to be very capable and helpful to JAX-RS users. The important […]

Talend Joins Google to Propose Dataflow as an ASF Incubator Project

Hadoop and the broader Big Data ecosystem continue to innovate at an incredible rate. By harnessing the power of the community and creating a survival-of-the-fittest competitive landscape, the open-source development approach helps not only fuel the pace of innovation but also drive buyer confidence and market adoption. Open source is also important to a growing […]

My Challenge to Informatica: Let’s Play

You may have read some of the back and forth between Talend and Informatica regarding Talend’s big data speed benchmark against Informatica. While there are several claims and concerns made by each side, Informatica’s chief complaint is that they launched a brand new product in November, after we ran the benchmark.  They claim it’s faster […]

Talend’s Benchmark Against Informatica – Setting the Record Straight

We recently published a benchmark comparing Talend Big Data Platform to Informatica Big Data Edition, showing the performance benefits of our native Apache Spark approach over Informatica’s solution.  Informatica responded with a rebuttal that combines some good points along with some claims that are either misleading or completely false. (Privately, their lawyers also sent a […]

Start Easily Using Apache Spark With Talend 6!

     If you have worked with any type of new software you know those first few moments are always challenging. There’s always that learning curve you have to go through before being able to fully leverage the product’s capabilities. Therefore we understand it’s equally challenging to learn a new development framework, such as Apache […]