Data Integration (DI) Enterprise Administration

Talend Data Integration Enterprise Administration provides you the information you need to install and work with the individual components and to perform several of the most common administration tasks. This training module prepares you for moving Talend Data Integration Jobs from the development phase into production. You gain experience installing and configuring each of the several applications that make up Talend DI Enterprise as well as performing administrative tasks such as deploying and monitoring Jobs.

Duration 1 day (approximately 6-7 hours)
Target Audience Anyone who wants to administer Talend Enterprise Data Integration. Examples include Operators, Software Developers, and Systems Administrators.
Prerequisites DI Enterprise. Basic system administration skills. Familiarity with SQL or general database concepts is helpful.
Course Objectives
After completing this class, you will be able to:
  • Install Talend Administration Center (TAC) manually
  • Configure Talend Administration Center
  • Install Talend Studio manually
  • Install CommandLine manually
  • Install the Talend artifact repository manually
  • Install an Execution Server manually
  • Install the Talend Activity Monitoring Console manually
  • Create a new user with design privileges
  • Create a project
  • Create a project that can be referenced by other projects
  • Assign user access privileges to projects
  • Create an SVN branch for a given project
  • Create an execution task that runs a Job
  • Generate, deploy, and run a task as a single operation
  • Generate, deploy, and run a task as three separate operations
  • Execute a task repeatedly at specified times
  • Configure the TAC Activity Monitoring Console (AMC) to access the stored Job monitoring data
  • List the different aspects of the TAC - AMC and the information available from each
  • Describe how you would use the information presented in the TAC AMC
  • Run CommandLine to execute a single command
  • Communicate with a running CommandLine interactively using telnet
  • Use CommandLine to execute a script
  • Run CommandLine as a shell to execute multiple commands
Course Agenda
  • Installation
  • Project Management
  • Job Conductor
  • Activity Monitoring Console
  • CommandLine