Globalway, Inc. Helps Japan Move from Ground to Cloud

Japan may be a world leader in manufacturing, but they are behind the curve on harnessing customer data. This Talend partner is working hard behind the scenes to change that.
I saw a lot of ESB/data integration tools on the market, but no real-time, big data, ETL solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing applications the way Talend did.
Nobu Watanabe, Co-Founder


Globalway, Inc. provides cloud-oriented solutions to the burgeoning Japanese marketplace. Nobu Watanabe is one of the co-founders of the company, and his background as a technical consultant exposed him to many MDM and big data projects, and gave him a deep understanding about data and application integration.  He realized the value of Talend early on, and brought that partnership to fruition when he started cloud integration services, branded Voxer,  in 2012.

In his prior role, Watanabe was challenged with finding a reasonably priced open source solution. He says, “I saw a lot of ESB/data integration tools on the market, but no real-time, big data, ETL solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing applications the way Talend did.” Watanabe contacted a regional sales representative in Japan, which began the relationship.

“We don’t just focus on data warehousing solutions – we are more business process oriented,” says Watanabe. While Japan is a world leader in manufacturing, its enterprises have historically been very conservative about data – especially when it comes to the cloud. Thanks to companies like Globalway, Japanese companies are realizing the cloud is secure, and is more stable than on premise solutions.

Talend in Action

Globalway has embarked on several projects with Talend, most following a similar blueprint of migrating legacy applications to the cloud, with each addressing the unique needs and situations of the client company.  Here are a few examples of how Globalway has engaged Talend in customer solutions:

- Customer #1:  A public company that manufactures 3D printers. The company has seven subsidiaries, with a separate ERP implemented at each one – and wants to consolidate the ERPs that hold customer data, product information, inventory, sales and transactional data to make it a truly “global” company.  The business side was driving this – it was taking up to two weeks to share data with investors, unacceptable for a public company.

Globalway uses Talend Data Services to connect to the company’s regional ERPs (each is from a different provider, SAP and Microsoft among them), and gather the information into single data warehouse that is visible across the company in real time. Talend ESB comes out of the box with API drivers equipped to integrate the company’s applications – SCM, Salesforce and Tableau among them. (Globalway is an OEM partner of Salesforce.)

Customer #2: One of the world’s largest telecommunications providers had acquired many companies in the U.S., EMEA and Asia Pacific – each with distributed data sources and multiple customer portals, leaving the business view very fragmented. The customer wanted to get customer information from a single point of view. Globalway implemented standard API at the company that wrapped the legacy distributed applications, with Talend ESB outputting a single global customer portal that provides real time access to customer information.

- Customer #3: A global automobile manufacturer wanted to take the sensory information coming in from its cars’ IoT navigation systems and make use of it to improve future models. Globalway helped the company take this information through a proprietary gateway, to Talend Big Data with Elastic Map Reduce, and organize the data in Redshift. The information is now used by marketing and the R&D teams to make informed decisions.

Positive Results

For customer #1, it was taking 13 days to turn around company information to investors. Post-Talend implementation, it now takes a single day.

Talend has also reduced the implementation efforts required for new applications up to 50%.

- For customer #2:  Customers and internal business users can now access contracts and operational information from a single point of view.

Consolidation of many customer portals has resulted in at least a 30% reduction in time and costs associated with managing portal apps.

For customer #3: The car manufacturer is now able to capitalize on the wealth of information provided by the cars IoT systems such as how the car is used, mechanical risks, and predicting when it needs maintenance. These information are used to enhance future models.

Coming Up

Japan is full of customers running AS400. Globalway has embarked on a new “ground to cloud” project to help customers still running AS400 as a legacy management system migrate to Salesforce using Talend ESB. Talend’s out of the box legacy and cloud connectors make it easy and cost effective to integrate AS400 with Salesforce. “Talend is unique because it has legacy, Big Data, and Cloud. It is a modernization tool.” says Watanabe.

Talend MDM is not available in Japan at this time, but Globalway is using Talend Big Data where it can to consolidate customer and master data, and data quality to profile and cleanse log data. Says Watanabe: “Gradually big data projects are happening, and we try to be the driving force. Right now, there are a few new big data opportunities we are working on. Talend makes it easy to sell our services.” 

He continues, “Japan has so many manufacturers that need to monitor customer utilization but don’t know how. Big Data and IoT are intertwined here. The country really needs to grow its big data solutions over the next 5 years; and Talend is perfectly positioned to help us make this possible.”