Ellie Mae turbo charges its sales and marketing activities with Talend MDM

Ellie Mae delivers a single source of truth, from department spreadsheets to quality proofed enterprise-wide data access, to business decision makers with Talend MDM.
L’architecture de la plate-forme unifiée Talend supporte la plupart des intégrations de données dont notre entreprise a besoin. Nous voulions la richesse fonctionnelle, la convivialité et l’évolutivité. Il est clair que les solutions Talend répondent à nos besoins actuels et futurs.
Fudong Yin, Responsable senior Business Systems chez Ellie Mae

The Customer: Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae automates mortgages for banks, credit unions and mortgage companies to enable compliance, quality, and efficiency. Since 1997, the company has provided innovative technology to the mortgage business to help mortgage professionals to originate, process and close high-quality, compliant loans. Encompass® mortgage management solution and services, an all-in-one platform, gives lenders the power to cut costs and succeed in a hyper-competitive, zero-tolerance industry.


The Challenge: Create a Single Source of Truth for Customer Data

Sales and marketing teams at Ellie Mae knew they had a problem. The siloed databases from which they drew leads and launched campaigns had more than 100,000 contacts. And the accuracy of leads was called into question: how many in the list have invalid or outdated e-mails address, refer to duplicate records, or are missing crucial information such as customer role or account name ?

Duplication through acquisition combined with outdated or bad information not only hampered informed business decisions, due to inconsistent Excel-based reports from different divisions.  But it also resulted in operational inefficiencies in the lead management process such as a high number of email bounces and returned direct mail. From the executive suite to sales to marketing, Ellie Mae leaders knew they needed to get to the truth in their data.  

“Ellie Mae had acquired many different companies,” said Yin, “as a result, the same customer may have different identities. We were asking, what is the 360 degree for this customer? What products do they have? What products do they need?”

The Solution: A Unified Platform for Data-driven Decision Making

In December 2013, the company decided to invest in an enterprise solution. They wanted to consolidate, cleanse, and clarify data across systems to enable everyone from the executive suite to the sales teams to the marketing department to access a single source of truth and a 360 degree view of customers and prospects. 

Ellie Mae chose Talend because it could satisfy their needs today and grow with the solutions architecture they planned for the future. Talend Data Integration and Data Quality products bring data together into a data warehouse. Talend Master Data Management, ESB, and business process management products create a single source of truth that easily integrates into the applications Ellie Mae uses for insights into lifecycle and segmentation marketing.

Using Talend MDM unified platform that bundles all those core capabilities into a single product, they can tie together records for the same customer from multiple mortgage companies with a unique MDM identification number. The unified and trustable customer view can then be shared across sales teams in Salesforce.com and be used to fuel Eloqua, the marketing automation engine used by Ellie Mae, for segmented email marketing campaigns.

Benefits: Simplified Development and Ready Solutions

“Talend’s unified platform architecture meets all of our needs with regards to data integration and data governance,” said Yin. “We looked at functionality, ease of use, and scalability. Talend has everything we need today to meet our marketing requirements and what we will need in the future.”

The implemented data platform combines a Master Data Management platform for Customer Data, together with a Data Warehouse and a Business Intelligence environment.  About 20 architects, analysts, and developers worked on the project, both on site and in India. The MDM implements a physically instantiated, "golden" record stored in the central Hub (sometimes referred as a consolidation styles) through nightly batch processes. Thanks to Talend’s MDM flexibility, it is designed to evolve into real-time integration in the second phase of the project.

Talend’s connectors and code generation support saved time and effort for the development teams. “We eliminated the coding work,” said Yin. “The drag and drop connectors and components made it easy to deploy. The matching rules and policies meant that we didn’t have to spend time on coding and testing.”

Talend’s cleansing and deduplication, combined with address validation from Loqate, helped Ellie Mae reduce their customer list from 100,000 names with a lot of noise to a solid list of 60,000 quality prospects. The email delivery rate shifted from 70% bounces to 80% delivered. Direct mail campaigns saw similar improvements with significantly fewer returns.  In addition, quality proofed data delivers trusted insights to the Business Intelligence users, while sales, product and financial analytics enable precision marketing through better segmentation and identification of cross sales opportunities.

The company now has confidence in their data from the CEO’s office to the sales and marketing teams. Instead of independently generated excel spreadsheets, everything is online. “People login and they see how many active users we have,” said Yin. “One number, one definition, one customer record. That is success.”

Next Steps: More Integration in Real Time

The investment in data integration and master data management has paid off for Ellie Mae. “I’m very happy and we will continue to expand to more business areas,” said Yin.

With this foundation, Ellie Mae envisions many promising additions to the platform in the upcoming phase 2 of the project:  

- Self Service Data integration through an integration portal will allow marketing to upload a source file from leads or prospects from a 3rd party, match it against MDM, and integrate it into the lead generation process through Eloqua.

- Smarter predictive and prescriptive capabilities will provide personalized offers through a recommendation engine to guide each customer towards the products that best meet their needs based on their context and account profile.

- Real-time integration with the customer facing system will catch customer identities as they connect to Ellie Mae’s online service and auto-prompt their personal or account data to prevent from duplication or typos.

- The Customer 360 degree view will be augmented with information from customer service and support together with detailed information about product usage.

 “This is a great product,” said Sundararaj Subbaraj, Solution Architect at Ellie Mae. “I’ve experienced almost every MDM product in the market, from IBM to Informatica and Oracle. Talend is the one platform that does everything.”