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Danger Zone: How Big is Your GDPR Blind Spot?

23 octobre 2017 - Guest Bloggers


Authored by Niamh Walsh, Sales & Marketing Director, Advanced Metadata

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Talend Connect 2017: Architecting Your Data-Driven Futurearticle in French

11 octobre 2017 - François Mero

Companies are becoming increasingly aware that they have a goldmine in their hands – their data. For all businesses, the situation is clear – their future depends on how quickly and efficiently they can turn data into accurate insights. It is no longer a matter of simp

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Talend et le Cloud Computing sur Microsoft Azure

05 octobre 2017 - Guest Bloggers


Il existe 3 principaux acteurs majeurs du Cloud Computing :

·       Microsoft Azure

·       Amazon – Web Service (AWS)

·       Google – App Engine.


Microsoft Azure, dernier né des acteurs majeurs du Cloud Computing, est apparu en 2010.

Google – App Engine, est quant à lui apparu en 2008.

Amazon – Web Services (AWS), premier né des acteurs majeurs du Cloud Computing est apparu en 2006.


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Talend Connect : Bâtir un avenir orienté donnéesarticle in German

04 octobre 2017 - François Mero

Les entreprises découvrent chaque jour un peu plus qu’elles détiennent un trésor inexploité entre leurs mains : leurs données. C’est un fait acquis : le futur de votre entreprise dépend grandement dans sa capacité à transformer rapidement et efficacement les données auxquelles elle a accès en informations pertinentes et exploitables. Aujourd’hui, il n’est plus question de se concentrer sur la collecte et la gestion de données mais bien d’optimiser votre agilité vis-à-vis de celles-ci.

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An Introduction to the Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

20 septembre 2017 - Guest Bloggers


Every day, I hear more and more about GDPR, but what exactly is it and how will it affect both you and companies that you may deal with or work for?

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools 2017: The Data Integration Market is Being Disrupted

20 septembre 2017 - Ashley Stirrup


If you didn’t catch it, the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools published in early August and what was most notable about this year’s report is that many of the legacy vendors in the Leaders’ Quadrant moved down and back, causing the entire competitive landscape to shift.

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Step-by-Step: How to Check Data Quality with Talend Using Your Own RegEx Pattern Library

20 septembre 2017 - Guest Bloggers


In this example, I have been asked to check if the corporate standard for naming employee documents has been adhered to. If not, I then want to know how many deviations are in the dataset. You have in your database a table of employees, employee documents (contracts of employment, performance reviews etc.), and a table of document types. Let’s begin by utilizing those data sets and see what we come up with.

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Time to Consider a New “V” for Big Data: Virtue

19 septembre 2017 - Guest Bloggers


Big ethical questions emerge as the power of Big Data continues on an upward spiral.

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